Omnipoynt Solutions Combines with Black Bear LLP

Omnipoynt Solutions enhances its acquisition, technology and logistics business; Partners with EZA Consulting

Sept. 1, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, Omnipoynt Solutions, a global consulting and advisory services firm in the aerospace, national security, defense, and government markets announced today that it has combined with Black Bear LLP, a specialized export and logistics company focused in developing, structuring and executing highly complicated and regulated business between the United States and other countries. Black Bear is licensed by the U.S. Government as a broker and exporter of U.S. goods and services and provides Foreign Agent (FARA) services for its clients.

"By combining with Black Bear, we are able to offer a more streamlined service for our clients under one roof," said Dr. Aaron Poynton, Omnipoynt's CEO and Co-founder of Black Bear LLP. "In the past, Omnipoynt Solutions provided advisory and government consulting services and Black Bear provided acquisition, technology and logistics services, but now we're one seamless operation," Dr. Poynton continued.

Brad Perkins, Co-founder of Black Bear LLP, will join Omnipont Solutions' Board of Advisors. Mr. Perkins is a retired U.S. Army officer and has a solid track record of 35 years of new government business capture, valued at over $10B. He remains President of EZA Consulting, and Omnipoynt has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with EZA offering bid and proposal services for Omnipoynt Solutions' clients. Dr. Poynton will join EZA's advisory board.

USMC (Ret) Col John C Garrett, Black Bear's Chairman and longtime international deal broker, has entered into retirement and will transition to an outside advisor, assisting with strategic matters.


About Omnipoynt Solutions.

Omnipoynt Solutions partners with and advises businesses and government within the aerospace, national security, defense, and government sectors to create and implement innovative, competitive frameworks, policies and strategies by providing management consulting and professional services to sustain a competitive advantage, preserve and grow strategies, increase revenues and maximize profits, build long-term enterprise value, and meet pro-social & political goals. Omnipoynt Solutions is headquartered in Washington DC and has affiliate offices and partners around the globe. With a team of highly experienced consultants and an esteemed Board of Advisors, Omnipoynt Solutions is strategically positioned to help its clients meet their goals.

About Black Bear LLP

Black Bear LLP is a specialized company focused in developing, structuring and executing highly complicated and regulated business between the United States and other countries. Black Bear is a uniquely positioned industry leader in its field due to strategic relationships with large multinational companies and counter-parties, sustainable business plan, experienced and innovative management team, and a keen understanding of the global operating arena. Black Bear operates in a culture of compliance, delivering customers reliable, principled, and cost-effective solutions. Black Bear is a Limited Liability Partnership with Headquarters in Washington DC.

About EZ-A Consulting

EZ-A Consulting, LLC provides Business Development consulting services, Strategy Development, Opportunity Assessment, Capture Planning and Capture Management, Proposal Development, Contract Start-up Staffing, and Mobilization Support in the Defense & Homeland Security sectors. EZ-A Consulting, LLC is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing professional sales, marketing, bid and proposal, procurement and distribution, and business development staffing support to businesses interested in addressing the DoD’s Acquisition agencies. The services provided are typically on a finite term, temporary basis or discrete capture project basis thereby reducing longer-term risks and costs to the businesses supported.

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