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Ji Hoon (Jay) Kweon
Ji Hoon (Jay) Kweon

Mr. Kweon is an investment banker and real estate developer with a strong background in Korea’s business and financial fields. He graduated with a BA from Yonsei University in Seoul and went to the United States for further education in 1990. He earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Economics from Iowa State University.

After graduation, Jay worked for AXA, a global financing firm in New York, for three years as a financial analyst. He returned to Korea and joined Hanwha Group, the fifth-largest conglomerates in Korea, as a strategist in Hanwha Securities Co. With Hanwha, Jay worked as a senior strategist to plan and make group financial strategies. He later joined ABN AMRO, a global financial company holding bank, securities company and asset management company, as a head of sales and trading division to induce foreign institutional investors to the Korean financial market and manage proprietary trading. Jay consulted and took care of the company’s institutional clients and supervised the sales and trading division in the Seoul office.

After successful eight years with ABN AMRO, Jay changed his career path and entered senior government. He worked for the City Government of Busan, the second-largest city in Korea, from 2004 and to 2007 as Director General of Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau in Busan City Government, where he induced foreign investment and managed foreign affairs for the city. He was the Spokesman for the foreign press at APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit Meeting in Busan 2005.

Jay then joined Arthur D. Little, U.S. global management consulting firm based in Seoul, as Head of Corporate Finance Practice in 2007. He performed government projects and private sector projects and worked with top government officials and top management of large corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG. During his entire career in ABN AMRO, City Government, and Arthur D. Little, Jay could establish strong relationships with top management persons in large corporations and high-ranked government officials and influential politicians.

In 2010, Jay started General Equity Partners, focusing on private equity and real estate development. He has done many real estate development projects throughout the major cities in Korea such as Seoul, Incheon, Busan, and Daegu and in various fields, commercial, residential, and mixed-use buildings. The most recent real estate development project was the Songdo New City Project in Incheon, neighboring harbor city from Seoul. Jay has built 2,708 units of High-Rise Apartments in Song do New City. The project’s total sales volume was more $900 million U.S. dollars and completed in 2018. Mr. Kweon joined JK Partners Inc. as Chairman in 2020 to expand his business field into international trading and medical equipment. At Omnipoynt, Dr. Kim structures and executes Asia-US business transactions.

Professional Background:

  • Advisor and Senior Consultant, Omnipoynt Solutions
  • Chief Financial Officer, Kovid Shop LLC
  • JK Partners & Company Co., Chairman
  • General Equity Partners Co., CEO/Chairman
  • Centum Science Park Inc., CEO/President
  • TCS 1 Fuel Cell Power Plant Co., Auditor
  • Arthur D. Little Korea, Head of Corporate Finance Practice
  • Busan Metropolitan City, Head of Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau
  • ABN AMRO, Korea Head of Sales & Trading
  • Hanwha Securities Co, Senior Strategist
  • AXA Inc., Financial Analyst, New York

Academic Backgrounds:

  • Yonsei University, BA Seoul, Korea
  • Iowa State University, BS USA
  • Iowa State University, MS in Economics USA
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