Ominpoynt's management, consultants, and close network of advisors & partners work as a team to provide custom-crafted strategic advice and implement practicable plans in order to meet our clients' business objectives. With over a dozen of additional affiliated consultants, we are a "force multiplier" for your business.

Brendan is a senior consultant at Omnipoynt Solutions with over 30 years of security experience with significant experience in consulting. He is an expert in threat and vulnerability assessments and is an industry leader in the implementation of new technologies. At Omnipoynt, Brendan consults for VIP protection, corporate security, threat and vulnerability assessments, operations implementation, risk management, cyber, and law enforcement.

Mr. Muphy is a former New York police executive with over 20 years of decorated service. He attained the rank of Lieutenant and held several prominent positions, such as Special Operations Supervisor. After police service, Mr. Murphy became the Global Director of Security of Paulson & Co. Inc. For nearly a decade, he led a program addressing the corporate and personal protective requirements of the firm’s Principal, family members, employees, clients and related risks. In this role, he reported to the firm’s President, billionaire John Paulson. Brendan managed all security-related functions of Paulson & Co. Inc., including capital projects related to the day-to-day security operations affecting personnel and clients.

As a functional Chief of Staff and liaison at large, he directed corporate, personal, municipal and hospitality sector-driven risk assessments in areas where the firm has significant exposure. Brendan provided travel security guidance for all company employees traveling to and living in various regions. Responsible for managing security throughout North America, Puerto Rico, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East with professional expertise coordinated through established professional relationships. Mr. Murphy provided operational security and protective programs supporting the executives and the businesses of the firm. He also managed the protection of assets internationally and provided for most contingencies while abroad.

He is an alumnus of Pace University School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctorate and is and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Iona College. He teaches “Cybersecurity Investigations” and “Modern Practices in Criminal Justice” in the graduate and undergraduate programs at the School of Arts Sciences.

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