Omnipoynt and PoongLim Pharmatech Launch Needles and Syringes that Increase Injection Efficiency and Lower Cost

Super Low Dead Space TM Needles and Syringes Extract More Medicine Doses

June 8, 2021 (PRWEB)

Omnipoynt Solutions, a global strategy consulting and distribution firm in the health and safety markets, and PoongLim Pharmatech (PLPT), a Korean medical device manufacturer, announced today that it has launched Super Low Dead Space™ needles and syringes in the United States that improve safety and reduce costs for injectable medications.

Dead volume (commonly referred to as dead space) is the volume of medical product remaining in the needle and the hub of a syringe after injection. In January 2021, the FDA updated its Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines authorizing low dead space needles and/or syringes, allowing more doses to be extracted from vials. However, even if using low dead space syringes, there is a dead space volume of 35 microliters. When the PoongLim PLPT EZ-Injec LDV Sterile safety needles and PLPT LDV Sterile syringes are used together, the dead space is reduced to approximately 4 microliters—further decreasing waste, reducing cost, and maximizing efficiency.

Poonglim’s LDV syringes are unique as they come with safety features, including a Luer lock, which is a small, twisting lock between the syringe’s body and needle to prevent leaks. The plunger structure has a three-stage conical shape that narrows upwards. The design of the three-stage structure of the Luer lock inner diameter allows maximizing low dead volume efficiency when injecting a solution.

Omnipoynt Solutions assisted PoongLim with market research and regulatory approvals and is a distributor for the U.S. market. The new syringes were FDA 510k Cleared from the FDA in February, and Omnipoynt delivers its first order to the U.S. government in June. “It’s an amazing partnership and astonishing to see the successful product ideation, development, and commercialization so quickly,” said Aaron Poynton, Omnipoynt Solution’s CEO.

“This innovation will not only help accelerate the end to Covid-19, but it will improve safety and efficiency in the field of medicine,” said Hee-min Jo, PoongLim Pharmatech’s CEO. “We are scaling up to have the ability to manufacturer 200 million units by the end of the year to support the U.S.”


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